At QCR HOLDINGS, INC., we respect and value the relationship we have with you. The purpose of this page is to help you understand what information is collected when you visit or browse this site.

To improve your experience of this site, we collect certain details that will help us understand how this site is being used, such as traffic patterns for operational or marketing purposes. This information will then help us to tailor the site with material that will be both useful and relevant to you.

The way we collect this information is by using cookies. Please continue to read the rest of this page to understand what cookies are, and how they are used. What are “cookies”?

Cookies are small files containing just text that are placed on your computer to assist website owners with understanding how their sites are being used. It’s important to note that cookies can be placed directly by the site or third-party plugins that are used by the site. In either case, when you visit, we use the information contained within these cookies for the purposes of website and marketing improvements. Under no circumstances do we collect personal data, as we are committed to respecting our users’ privacy.

Cookie Categories

At, the cookies we use can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Essential
  • Analytics
  • Marketing

The Essential cookies are those that are necessary for core functions of this site. For example, we use “geolocation” cookies that help us identify where you are when you visit us. By having this information, we can show you content that is relevant to your region. On other sites, you’ll see these cookies referred to as Functional or Operational. Cookies in the second category, Analytics, summarize usage patterns that track what pages were accessed, what links were clicked on, the number of visitors to a certain page, and so on. The information here is anonymous and is used to help the QCR HOLDINGS, INC. team make improvements to the site.

And, finally, Marketing cookies are what allow for a personalized experience of this site, which are used to make content (such as images or ads) more relevant to you.